About Me

I am a BLACK, trans, nonbinary, and queer singer, lyricist, songwriter, spoken word artist as well as a proud Dorchester, MA native.  I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. My work is heavily influenced by each of my identities and how they intersect. When creating art, I try to bring my full and authentic self so that the people who listen to my music can do the same.

Music and art has always played a big role in my life. When I was six, The Arms of the One Who Loves You by Xscape played as my sister was braiding her friend’s hair. When I hit the super high note in the bridge, my mother nearly busted the door down to ask if it was me or the radio. I was elated when she told me that I sounded amazing. I haven’t stopped singing since.

Even though I continued singing throughout my life, I was incredibly nervous to be on stage.  I was figuring out who I was and what my gender was. At the time, while realizing I was not a woman, I was uncomfortable with how my voice sounded. Many years of hormone therapy later, my voice was somewhere in between masculine and feminine. I leaned into this new normal and enjoyed it. 

I am proud to be a local artist and activist in Boston. I am a past Resident Artist for The Theater Offensive (TTO), an organization that supports the creative artwork of LGBTQ artists. I recently worked as the Education Coordinator at TTO, directing the True Colors Troupe, an award-winning, community-based theater ensemble of LGBTQ youth. My work as an intersectional artist also inspires my community activism with local LGBTQ organizations, such as the Boston Alliance for LGBTQ Youth (BAGLY), Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), Hispanic Black Gay Coalition (HBGC), and Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth. I am currently working on music to share with the world that uplifts the black and LGBTQ community.